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Dan has been teaching worship team workshops, mentoring and consulting in churches for over 20 years. He is passionate about helping pastors inspire, encourage and equip their worship teams to see them effectively lead their congregation to Jesus with pure hearts that honor God.

Sometimes, just an “outside voice” communicating  what a pastor has already been saying is just the thing to help a team catch the vision fully and move to the next, deeper, level! Dan loves to consult with a pastor ahead of time and customize the workshop to the needs of your specific team.

  • Moving from just singing songs to leading a group in meaningful worship
  • Preparation for your best
  • The heart is the start
  • Singing from your story
  • Overflow vs talent & charisma
  • The responsibility of leadership
  • Leading worship from tech
  • Following the Spirit’s leading before and during a worship set
  • Transitions and flow
  • Blending and listening
  • The beauty of simplicity
  • Leading in faith when its dry
  • Scripture informs your worship
  • You are ‘fishers of men’

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